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A Complete Guide To Exercise For Older Adults And Seniors, Health & Fitness

Written By A Doctor And Personal Trainer This Is A Guide To Exercise For Older Adults And Seniors. It Includes Useful Tips And Takes Readers Through A Complete Work-out. Each Exercise Is Pictured And Can Be Modified To Suit Different Fitness Levels.

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    Captain Morgan Workout

    Captain Morgan Workout

    The Captain Morgan Workout is the most intense full body fitness program ever created by a pirate. Forget about fad diets, expensive gyms and complicated machines, if you want a truly chiseled body just follow the Captain.
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    Submitted By: CaptainMorganWorkout
    Tags: Captain Morgan Rum Fitness Captainmorganworkout Workout Pose Pirate Intense Diet Aerobics Weight Resolution Exercise Sweat Muscles P90x Body
    Categories: Sports

    Playboy's Naked Workout - Bent Over Single Arm Row

    Playboy's Naked Workout - Bent Over Single Arm Row

    Cyber Girl Jamie Graham bends over backwards (not literally) to show us how to do the bent-over single arm row exercise. In Playboy’s Naked Workout series, watch as sexy, nearly naked Playboy models demonstrate everything from stretching to stair climbing. See all 12 hot workout videos at http://www.playboy.com/girls/landingpages/naked-workout/exercise1.html
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    Submitted By: Playboy
    Tags: Playboy Playmates Playboy Models Hot Girls Sexy Workout Fitness Stretching Girls Gym Workout Sweaty Girls Tight Butts Short Shorts Girls Working Out Naked Workout Sports Bras Hot Butt Workout Sexy Stretching Chest Fly Big Boobs Bent Over
    Categories: Entertainment

    7 Secret Exercises for Ripped Abs

    7 Secret Exercises for Ripped Abs

    Go to http://hardtimeshardbody.com/ and add "Six Pack Abs Workout of the Week" to your iGoogle home page. These 7 exercises can be included in your fitness training program to chisel out extra definition and get ripped abs. Total body exercises, with an abs focus, work great to burn fat. THE TRUTH IS EVERYONE HAS ABS The problem is that most people have too much fat in the abdominal region to see their abs. INSTRUCTIONS: *Perform these movements quickly and with control. This will build total body strength and power. When you combine this with a diet plan designed to burn fat, this workout will help you get ripped abs fast. *Before you start exercising, you need to warm up your muscles with dynamic stretching for 5 to 10 minutes. Pick one of these exercises and perform 10-50 reps. Do one six pack abs exercise after EVERY set in your strength training program. *After your workout, cool down with static stretching for 5 to 10 minutes. PLEASE COMMENT, RATE, AND SUBSCRIBE. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!
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    Submitted By: HardBodies
    Tags: Workout Exercise Fitness Workout Routine Fitness Tips Abs Truth About Abs Hip Hop Abs Six Pack Abs Abs Cbn Crunchless Abs Get Abs Diet Abs Workout Abdominal Training Abs Training Six Pack Exercises Six Pack Abs Workout Six Pack Abs Training Body Building
    Categories: How To


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